Fix Loose Dentures with Relines in Kingston

Are your dentures in good shape but feel a bit loose? Frontenac Denture Clinic in Kingston may be able to re-fit them to your gums.

A denture reline is a day procedure performed to capture the changes of the tissues in your mouth and fill them with new material. On average, a reline may be necessary once every 2-3 years, but we are equipped to perform them within the same day for your convenience.

Why are my dentures loose?

After teeth have been removed the bone in your mouth slowly shrinks over time. This happens faster on the lower arch, more so than the upper arch. Part of the aging process, loose dentures can cause sores, rocking and movement.

If you feel that your dentures are loose, don’t worry! Give us a call today to book a reline appointment and we’ll get them back to normal again.